Telkom Landmark Tower, Jakarta
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Date & Time
11 December 2019
08:00 - 13:30 WIB

As we all know that technology advancement has never been so rapid such as this era. Everything changed since the digital platform’s invasion hits almost every aspect of life, from professional to very personal areas. In the last decade, a new digital platform has been introduced, socialized and even made its major hit in many countries, it is called The Blockchain Technology.

Basically, blockchain is a platform used in developing track record which is connected and secured by cryptography technic. In a simpler note, it is an online track recording system which is resistant to change/modification as the system is decentralized and all users are automatically updated to every records made.

Blockchain technology is a charming offer to the professionals as it provides a significant efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in data recording and processing. Therefore, it has now been used by many businesses across the world. Even some big names in the digital industry such as Jack Ma has predicted that Blockchain Technology is the future, coming along with Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligent (AI).

Therefore, in order to embrace the future that is actually already present, we would like to hold a one day seminar and panel discussion among practitioners, digital enthusiasts and players, regulators as well as Indonesia’s government representatives such as the Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia to The People’s Republic of China and Mongolia, The Minister of Information Technology and Communication, Bank Indonesia’s Governor, representative from Financial Services Authority (OJK), Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade.

We will also involve and invite start-ups founders from Indonesia and millennial communities which number is of 300 people minimum to attend the event.

Besides aiming to further socializing the Blockchain Technology to the relevant market and people, this event is to change the perspective of the commoners who have known Blockchain as Bitcoins. It has led some confusion amongst Indonesian and the issue needs to be resolved by inviting the Blockchain Global founder and CEO in Shanghai, Sam Lee, as a keynote speaker to share his knowledge and experiences on the actual applications of blockchain technology in businesses to the audience.

The event will be held in Telkom Landmark Tower on Wednesday, 11 December 2019 from 08.00 AM – 1.30 PM (rundown attached). This will be the first hit of the following programs; an international blockchain forum which will be held in 2020 in Bali, and also the developing of Blockchain Centers in Jakarta which will allow people to further learn about the Blockchain Technology.